Christel Fouche

Differentiating between a SHE File and a SHE Plan

  • November 10th, 2009

There is a common misperception that the SHE File and the SHE Plan is one and the same thing. This is incorrect. The SHE Plan forms part of the SHE File and therefore the content of the two is different.

A SHE File should consist of the following in terms of content (guideline only):

1. Planning

  • Site Plan Schedule
  • Safety Plan
  • Fall Protection Plan
  • Safety Specification

2. General Admin Requirements:

  • Common Vocabulary – A typical list of abbreviations used.
  • Notification to Dept. of Labour – Notification to Dept. of Labour required within 7-days of award of contract.
  • Company Safety Policy – To be signed by the CEO.
  • Organogramme – Generic version included as a guideline. Site specific organizational structures are recommended.
  • Site Start-up Checklist – A guideline on items to be considered when starting up the construction site and activities.
  • Schedule D – Notice in Respect of Machinery.
  • Site Safety Rules – Used to induct all new employees on site.
  • Safety Induction – Used to induct all new employees on site.
  • Toolbox talk proforma – This is a blank format of the toolbox talk.
  • Ten Commandments of Safety – A brief list of rules to abide by. Used for awareness and induction.
  • Emergency Tel. Numbers – Must be completed at site level for the emergency services within the area.
  • Hot work permit – Any work involving open flame, welding etc, in explosive environments or confined spaces requires an assessment of the conditions and a permit to proceed to ensure all the necessary safety precautions have been considered.
  • Formwork repair guide – To be read in conjunction with the scaffold inspection appointments and should be referred to when inspection scaffolding.
  • Lock-out request form – Work required on equipment whether electrical charged or mechanical in operation, requires and assessment and permit where the risk of being put in motion may be undetected, then the lock-out is required.

3. Appointment Documents

  • Legal & Other Appointments applicable to your site and area of operations

4. Risk Assessments

  • Risk assessment proforma
  • Site Risk Identification sheet
  • Planned Job Observation
  • Hazardous Task Identification
  • RA Training attendance
  • Risk Assessment Road Map
  • Example of Risk Assessment
  • Example of Hazardous Task Identification
  • Example of Site Risk Identification

5. Training

  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Training Attendance Register
  • Training Certificates

6. Health & Safety Committee

  • Site Safety Personnel
  • Safety Committee Agenda
  • Meeting Attendance Register
  • Safety Committee Minutes

7. Registers

  • Registers applicable to the site operations

8. Hazardous Substances

  • HAZCHEM Schedule
  • MSDS as per Hazardous Chemical used

9. Road Management

  • Traffic Officer
  • Stop go Operator
  • Flagman

10. Incident Management

  • Incident Reporting Procedure
  • Letter of Good Standing
  • Employers report of an Incident
  • Resumption Report
  • Annexure 1
  • Internal Incident Investigation Form
  • First Aid Register
  • PPE Register
  • Weekly Site Statistics

11. Emergency Planning

  • Emergency Plan
  • Evacuation Procedure
  • Evacuation Alarms
  • Emergency Planning Name List
  • Emergency Planning Practice Report

12. Contractors & Sub-contractors

  • Agreement with Mandatory
  • Project Manager
  • Construction Work Supervisor
  • Safety Representative
  • First Aider
  • First Aid Agreement with Principle Contractor
  • Deviation Report Register

13. Audit Checklist

  • Audit Schedule

14. Mine Health & Safety Act Requirements

  • Project Manager
  • Production Supervisor
  • Plant Manager
  • Blasting Manager
  • Engineer, etc.

You will see there is a slight overlap between the two; however the Safety Plan is much more condensed than the Safety File. It is almost as if the Plan is an executive summary of the File – although this can be misleading.

A SHE Plan however consists of the following in terms of content (guideline only):

1. Introduction
2. Reference Documents
3. Definitions
4. Responsibilities
5. Objectives and Targets
6. Planning and procedures
7. Implementation of the Occupational Health and Safety Specification

8. Application of the Health and Safety Specification

  • Compensation for Occupational Injury and Diseases
  • Occupational Health and Safety Policy
  • Hazard identification and Risk Assessment
  • Health and Safety Committee
  • Health and Safety Training
  • General Record Keeping
  • Incentives
  • Penalties
  • Emergency procedures
  • Hazards and Potentially Hazardous Situations
  • Personal Protective Equipment and Clothing
  • Safety Signage
  • Permits
  • Contractors and Suppliers

9. Health and Safety in Practice

  • Excavations
  • Demolition
  • Explosives and Blasting
  • Stacking of materials and housekeeping
  • Hazardous Chemical Substances
  • Asbestos
  • Plant and Machinery


a. Health and Safety Policy
b. Hazardous Task Identification
c. Risk Assessment
d. Induction
e. Toolbox talk
f. Audit Schedule

I trust that the difference between the two has now been identified and wish you the best in implementing and maintaining your day-to-day health and safety management system towards zero incidents and harm.


Health and Safety Plan Development Workshop:

Advantage A.C.T has now launched a 3-day workshop called How to Develop a Health and Safety Plan. This workshop will be held a number of times during this year. Please follow the link for more details.

103 responses to “Differentiating between a SHE File and a SHE Plan”

  1. Luther says:

    Hi Christel, after reading up on your articles, I wondered if you would mind to point me in the right direction. Our company opened their new premises in JHB and recently in Umhlange KZN. We are planning to move into the new premises in Cape Town during 2010.
    We now need to internally identify and educate a dedicated person to be responsible for health and safety for the company on a national level.
    Your imput will be grately appreciated.
    Thanx Luther

  2. Hi Luther
    I am sending a proposed career-path/qualification process to you.
    Regards Christel

  3. Hi there

    Can you please help me with the Contractors’ Health & Safety File contents info. I only have but a little info on these. I am expected to finalise the file documentation process before the end of November 2009. I want to do it correctly this time around.



  4. Neil Enslin says:


    I suggest you contact your local Master Builders in your area, as we have a comprehensive Health and Safety System designed for the contractor in mind that is easy to use and implement.

  5. Basjan says:

    Hi Christel,

    I am currently in the deep end with regard to OHS&E. Is it possible you can assist me with the career path feedback that you gave to Luther (1st comment). I will certainly have to follow the same guidelines.

    Kind regards.

  6. Madre says:

    Hi Christel, What would be the correct approach to building an OHS file for guest houses? Thanks for the helpful site!

  7. Hi Basjan
    Have a look in your inbox.
    Regards Christel.

  8. Hettie Rance says:

    Hi Christel. In your latest H&S Advisor it states that teambuilding injuries are not covered under COID, but I have a communication from the CC dated 2008, where they do accept teambuilding injuries. If you would like to have a copy you can contact me.

  9. Hi Madre
    Thank you for the compliment. I have sent a suggestion to your e-mail. Regards Christel.

  10. Hi Hettie
    I have requested a copy from you – thank you for the comment. Regards Christel.

  11. Willem Prinsloo says:

    Hi Christell. I find your SHE File and SHE Plan just what the doctor ordered. Is it enforced by law ? Like the Health and Safety plan of the OSH Act, 1993. Construction Regulations, 2003. Sections 5. Please I’m looking for a generic outlay of a construction site plan regarding safety and health. Any extra information would be appreciated.

  12. Hi
    Thank you. No – it is not enforced by law. I will send additional info regarding the site construction plan to you. Regards Christel.

  13. Cobus says:

    Hallo Christel

    We are a small Company I need to create a SHE file were can I get all the Docs like (Site supervisor)


  14. Hi Cobus
    Thank you for the comment. I am sending you some information. Regards Christel.

  15. RIADH DRIDI says:

    Hi christel,
    could you please, help me to make in place a list of questions for an interview to recruit an HSE Manager in our company.

  16. Les says:

    Hi Christel,
    May I request the same career guidance as the above persons?
    Am currently working in the petroleum industry, but I do not have any any HSSE qualies… I am looking at a 5-year plan for myself… thought I would start up with SAMTRAC, but that all depends on the finances.

    Best Regards


  17. Great to see that South Africans are committed to an effective and comprehensive safety systems.If we look back safety was only important at mines but over the past years it has evolved in both the manufacturing and commercial sectors.Keep up the good work.

  18. Hi Riadh
    I have a checklist of questions that I am sending to you. Important questions to include additionally are:
    – how many years of experience in HSE & which industries?
    – formal and informal qualifications in HSE & though which institutions?
    – auditor qualifications & experience?
    – understanding of risk management methodology?
    – legal qualifications (informal) & experience – NOT ONLY the OHSAct?
    – the standard SWOT questions?
    – how he/she interacts under pressure & deals with meeting deadlines?
    – people skills especially communication skills & handling conflict?
    – experience in putting an HSE plan together?
    – eperience in managing a budget?
    Hope this helps. Regards Christel.

  19. Hi Les
    I will send with pleasure. We are the only company in S.A. that offers SHEQ career-path development from ZERO to Masters and MBA in H, S, E & Q and our courses such as SHEQMAN receives unit credits towards these qualifications – they are also Internationally recognised. I hope I am talking to another successful Masters or MBA client? Regards CHristel.

  20. Hi Angelo
    Thank you for the compliment – it is much appreciated.
    Regards Christel.

  21. Simanga says:

    Hi Christel,

    May I request career guidance to help to me in the future to be HSE Manager. I’m currently working in the petroleum industry with an exp of 9 yrs, but I don’t have any HSE qualification,I am looking at a 2-year plan. I reason I said 2yrs is because I’m currently doing Bcom so maybe the are certain courses that can add value to compliment the Degree.

  22. Mashel says:

    Hi Christel,
    May I request the same career guidance as the above persons?


  23. Mashel says:


    Do you haveppen to have sample SHE Plan document either in word or dpf file. I want read the document and see how the points you gave us are actually put across and formulated. Should i need to develo one.

    Your assistance will be highly appreciated.

    Kind Regards

  24. Hi Mashel
    Refer to the e-mail I sent to you, please. Regards Christel.

  25. Hi Mashel
    I have sent the career path development suggestions to you. Regards Christel.

  26. Mashel says:

    Thank so much for the information.


  27. Hi
    Always a pleasure. Regards Christel.

  28. Chris Hanekom says:

    Hi Christel
    Could you please send me the career path mentioned above.
    Many thanks

  29. Bernadine says:

    Hi Christel,

    I am currently employed as a SHEQ Administrator. However, there is no scope at my current company.
    I have almost 10 years experience within the SHEQ field and would appreciate a role where I can help with the implementation of SHEQ and ISO systems at companies.
    I would really appreciate it if you perhaps know what direction I can take to be able to set these goals in motion.

  30. Hi Bernadine
    You have a very good base to start from. There are basically three directions to choose from: SHEQ Manager; SHEQ Auditors or SHEQ Facilitator. Each one will take you in a totally different direction so you need to make sure which one is for you. I am sending you the careeer-path development for the first two. Regards Christel.

  31. Hi Chris
    With pleasure. Regards Christel.

  32. MARLIZE LOUW says:

    hi christel my son started in H&S environment but needs direction. seen 1st comment. could you please assist? (proposed career-path/qualification process) the courses that you do? dates & venues please? thank you for a very informative site.

  33. Hi Marlize
    I have sent you the career-path documents. Kindly make your choices and I will then forward the detailed course product sheets to you. Good luck – Christel.

  34. Trevlyn de Klerk says:

    thanks for this guideline,but isnt there more detail you can add to it?im new to safety,im 21 with a year experience,ive been wanting to make my own safety file because i see some jobs expect you to be able yo make a file,so further details would be helpful.another thing is im not sure what courses i should do,now i only got a Modern SHEQ/Risk Management through IRCA.but it seems NOSA the only place thats recognized even though IRCA got good courses please,advice needed!thanks for the great site,i look forward to learning from everyone!

  35. Alfeus says:

    Hi Christel

    I am now working for a road construction company and need some guidelines in terms of the appointment of managers. can you advise on this.



  36. Hi Trevlyn
    Thank you for your enquiry. I am seinding you some career-path options. The above insitutions are NOT the only people to use. We are the leader in career-path development and training currently in S.A. and the only institution that takes you up to Masters and MBA in SHE. Keep an eye on your personal e-mail inbox, please and good luck. Christel.

  37. Hi Alfeus
    Would this be the legal appointments you are refering to and would it be mining or industry? Once you give me this information I will be able to assist you more effectively. Regards Christel.

  38. Catherine says:

    Hi! Christel,

    You are an angel, and i feel so lucky to have met you in person (Student: SHEBA – June 2006).
    You are my inspiration.


  39. Hi Catherine
    I am just glad I can help. THank you for the compliment – it is really appreciated. Regards Christel.

  40. Durwin Muller says:

    Hi Christel

    Im really passionate about safety and I have just registered to do my samtrac. Can you please send me that career path development. I have no real experience in safety, could you recommend an action plan once I have finished my samtrac please. Its very hard to get work with no experience. Looking forward to your reply.


  41. Zane says:

    Hi Christel

    Firstly, thank you for a very informative and helpful site!
    With regards to your reply to Willem on December 1st, can you also send me info regarding the site construction plan?
    Thanks again

  42. odette says:

    Hi Christel

    Can you help with information on hygiene safety i.e. butchery. I am busy creating a new she plan and file for a supermarket/warehouse


  43. HI Zane
    I have sent the information. Thank you for the compliment. Regards Christel.

  44. Hi Durwin
    I have sent you detailed information up to Masters and MBA in SHE which I believe would set you right towards International Career-path development. Good luck. Christel.

  45. Juan says:

    Hi Christel

    I’m new to your site, and what a helpfull site!

    I would appreciate it if you could share the same career guidence with me as requested by some. I would like to see if I’m on the right track.

    Much appreciated.

  46. Willem Fourie says:

    Hi Christel,
    We also need to train a dedicated person within our company. Would it be possible to forward me the information that you have sent Luther in your first entry (comment). Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks, Willem

  47. yateen kalidin says:

    hey christel…im 21 yrs old and very interestd in persuing a future wid safety…could u pls send me that career Path development plan and foward me da price plans and courses offered..also on completion of the courses do url outsource ppl to recruitment is a great field to get into but if you have no experience in a related field hows da odds of getting a job..ur co-operation wil b gladly appreciated

  48. Hi Juan
    I sent you the requested information. Good luck. Christel.

  49. Hi Willem
    I am glad to be abe to help. I have forwarded the information to you. Regards Christel.

  50. Hi Yateen
    I started out in this discipline when I was your age. It is one of the best decision I have ever made.I have sent you some career-path options. Good luck. Christel.

  51. Hi Odette
    A unique environment in which you operate. I had to do some research to give you an answer. This is what I found (Only available in Afrikaans – hope it helps):
    Ek weet nie spesifiek van die SHE Plan of File nie maar ons doen die volgende insake higiene veiligheid Ons het die internasionale Weefselbank standaard se riglyn gevolg insake die ISO klassifikasie van ons skoonkamers en die gradering gedoen mbv. dust particle counts.
    Ons het ‘n Omgewingsmonitering program in plek waartydens lugkiemtellings en oppervlakdeppers in ons skoonkamers 3-6 maandeliks geneem word vir mikrobiologiese groei monitering. Ons voldoen hier aan Ampath se riglyne vir ‘n operasiesaal(teater) Ons doen mikrobiologiese kwekings op die weefsel om organisme groei te bepaal voor verwerking, tydens en na die steriliseringsproses.
    Ons het ‘n diens en skoonmaak skedule vir ons sentrale lugreeling Gebruik voorgeskrewe skoonmaakmiddels (disinfectant).
    Opleiding van personeel en skoonmaker insake korrekte skoonmaaktegnieke Opleiding aan personeel insake korrekte PPE Vloeidiagram van produkte om oorkruising van skoon en vuil te voorkom Skoonmaak skedule van skoonkamers, vrieskaste

    Al werk on met ‘n band saag wat dit laat lyk soos ‘n “butchery” probeer ek om die standaard van ‘n operasiesaal te handhaaf. Die verskil is in teater werk hulle steriel en ons werk net chirurgies skoon. (I would like to thank Riana for her assistance with this answer).
    Regards Christel

  52. Juan says:

    Hi Christel

    Can you please assist me with information regarding the standards for staircases and stairways. I can’t find anything in any of the regulations.

    Your help is much appreciated!


  53. Anonymous says:


    I would just like to know :

    How do we report unsafe conditions?
    How do I go about (anonymously) reporting contractor that are working unsafe,
    Contractors working on an Anlgo site whom do not even have a safety system in place,
    Contractors whom are not implementing ANY safety system, and whom are not even meeting the minimum safety requirements of Anglo platinum!?

    I believe that Safety is number one? I can’t see how these contractor were even awarded a tender without even a complete SHE file or even any safety documentation. If all these safety systems are not in place, how can they be expected to work safely, how do they intend to prevent any incidents and accidents!?

    Please help me…

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  55. Colin Jansen van Rensburg says:

    Hi Christel

    I recently heard of an OREP Risk Assessment. (Occupational Risk Exposure Profile) Do you have any templates for such a Risk Assessment?


  56. Hi Colin
    THank you for the comment. I do not have templates, but we discuss this topic under our occ. health module. I have sent the slides to you. Regards Christel.

  57. Sekoatle says:


  58. Vuyo says:

    Hey Christel, I was wondering if you could help. I have done SAMTRAC since 2008 and still no luck in getting a job because every where i go i am told about experiance. So i was wondering what can i do to get that experiance, cant they provide for us things like learneship, trainee junior safety officer or anything that wil give us experiance. Even if it means not getting paid. I just need knowledge.

  59. Gareth says:

    hi Christel,
    please could you forward me your carreer path development programme. who does this compare to the NDSM?

    your guidence would be greatly appreciative!!

  60. Juan Cornelius says:

    Hi Christel

    What is a site plan schedule and do you have an example of one.

    Thank you so much

  61. Hi Gareth
    I am passionate in taking South African SHEQ professionals towards global recognition. THis is why we start locally and then finish off with the international Masters and MBA. This would make you sought after not only here in S.A. but anywhere else in the world. Have a look at the career-path forwarded to you – the path is my suggestion for you to follow. Regards Christel.

  62. Hi Vuyo
    I know ESKOM and LTA Grinaker takes in many new employees per year and then train them over a 9 month period to then employ most of them permanently after the training. I suggest you contact the large role-players and enquire about new recruits annually. I wish you all of the best with your job-hunting. Regards Christel.

  63. Hi Sekoatle
    I am sending you various options including courses that will give you direction all the way to the top in this field. You basically have three options: SHEQ Manager or SHEQ Auditor or SHEQ Trainer. It remains your choice. Regards Christel.

  64. Phineas says:

    Dear Christel, I currently have a National Diploma in Safety Management and would like to do B-Tech with your institution, please help. Phineas

  65. Jurgen Irle says:

    Hi Christel,

    Your article of the 18th of February and the above article dated 10th of November do not coincide with one another. Your November article items 1 to 9 including annexures refers to the contents of a “SHE Plan” whereas the same list in your February article refers to “a guiding tool to the contents of a Safety file”.

    Please note for a layman as myself, being an engineer and not a safety practitioner, I find it very confusing when writers do not stick to terminology as found in the OHS Act and also do not use the terminology consistently.

    Please clarify: Is a SHE Plan different to the Health and Safety Plan as per the OHS Act and what do the above items refer to: the H&S Plan or the H&S File.

    Notwithstanding the above discrepancies, thanks for your articles, your passion for safety and being prepared to share it with us in industry.


  66. jurgen irle says:

    Hi Christel,

    It would be a great help for those of us who are not safety practitioners etc to have a list of acronyms together with their respective full description.

    Please note that I am rather confused about your above article and your article dated the 18th of February 2009. In both cases you have the same list labeled differently: in the above the list is label as “A SHE Plan” and in the other it is labeled as “contractor’s health and safety file”. Please advise which one is right or am I misinterpreting something?


  67. Liam says:

    Hi Christel
    Can you please forward me as well the career path to a formal qualified SHEQ manager (Internationally recognised) I am currently an appointed SHEQ Manager, but with experience and no formal training.
    Thank you for the valuable info and website

  68. robyn simpson says:


    Do you haveppen to have sample SHE Plan document either in word or dpf file. as i need to develop one. also i need to attend a lead auditor course and was hoping you could help me with a schedule?

    Thank you, your assistance would be greatly appreciated,

    Kind Regards

  69. Mashel says:

    Do you haveppen to have sample Nightshift risk assessment document either in word or dpf file. I want to develop a risk assessment for employees working nightshift.
    Please guide me on areas i should consider when developing a risk assessment for employees working nightshift

    Your assistance will be highly appreciated


  70. Hi Robyn
    I have forwarded the information to you as well as the auditing schedule – hope to see you soon. Regards Christel

  71. Hi Mashel
    In my opinion there should not be a difference between a night shift and day shift risk assessment. The risks might differ but the format should be the same. I am sending you examples. Regards Christel.

  72. Hi Liam
    Thank you for the compliment. I have sent you the requested information. Good luck with the knowledge and skill empowerment process. Regards Christel.

  73. Hi Jurgen
    Apologies for any misundrstanding. I have sent you the different articles and a new one on the difference between a SHE File and a SHE plan – hope this will clarify the issue. Regards Christel.

  74. Hi Phineas
    We do not offer these qualifications. I hae given you an alternative solution towards international recognition as well as a suggested career-path development plan. Good luck – Christel.

  75. Zandile says:

    Please can you please give me info on how to do a safety file can you please also send scope of a safety file.Your help will be appreciated.


  76. Anna-Maria says:

    Eerstens, baie dankie vir die interessante e-pos. Ek wens ek kon baie van die goete doen. Ek het ook SAMTRAC gedoen deur die werk, maar doen vir die afgelope jare alles rondom beserings aan diens, VeiligheidsKomitee vergaderings en inspeksies by werksomgewings – PPE, ens.
    Ongevalle Kommissaris is egter die grootste nagmerrie. Bewyse van eise wat “terugbetaal” is, word aan ons gestuur, maar geen inbetalings is sigbaar in ons bankrekening nie. My navraag m.b.t. die aangeleentheid het ek in Aug 2009 begin sonder enige sukses tot vandag.
    In-elke-geval, gelukkig is daar hierdie positiewe briefies van almal en om te sien élkeen kry aandag. Groetnis en lekker dag.

  77. Andre says:

    Hi Christel,

    I’ve been with a small ,yet successful, OHS consulting company for 5 years and wish to further my studies and knowledge. I have inquired about NADSAM or a bachelors degree in OHS everywhere but had no success. Could you please help me with a career path development programme and the best relevent training institutions?

    Your help would mean the world to me.

    Kind regards,

  78. Phumex says:

    I would like to offer advisory services to small and emerging contractors on how to compile health and safety files and also safety aspects on I need qualifications for these.?are there any guidelines you can offer for health and safety filing.

  79. Mashel says:

    Please I’m looking for a generic outlay of a construction site plan regarding safety and health. or any additional info regarding the site construction plan, Explanation on Contractors and the Safety File.

    Thank You

  80. Mashel says:

    Hi Christel

    Please help me with information on the key areas that one has to address when setting up a SHERQ ( safety) Strategy.
    And also will you please provide me with information on leading and lagging safety indicators

    Thank you

  81. Zamani says:

    Hi Christel,

    I am already 5yrs in the construction SHE industry. however i feel i still need more infor. on how can i meaningfuly advance myself further in this field, so may i also have your suggested carrer pathing as the others requested.

    Thanx again for this informative platform!


  82. Goodman says:

    Hi Christel

    Thanks for this informative site.

    I work in a phamaceutical manufacturing company. I am tasked with managing the implimentation a SHE function in my workplace. We have also just employed an Engineer (with GCC Factories) who is expected to lead the SHE department. I need to guide him, and we dont have a clue how to develop the SHE plan and SHE file. Can you please point me in the right direction. If you have a sample SHE plan, I would also appreciate it as a benchmark. I have taken note and will attempt to attend your course on “how to develop a Health & Safety plan”.



  83. shane martin says:

    I am already 17yrs in the manufacrturing industry. however i feel i still need more infor. on how can i meaningfuly advance myself further in this field, so may i also have your suggested carrer pathing?

  84. HI Goodman
    I have sent you 3 articles to assist you with this process as well as our course on how to implement a safety plan – all of the best. Regards Christel.

    • Lorraine says:

      Hi Christel
      I am in the same position as Goodman< July 16, 2010, we need to develop the SHE file, I would love to attend the Health and Safety plan course when available. I need to put a SHE file and of course the SHE Plan together within the next week. Can you help?

  85. Hi Shane
    Yes – we have many career-path opportunites towards international bench-marking. I am sending you the SHEQ manager/Director and Lead Auditor options. Regards Christel.

  86. Kami says:

    Hi Christel,

    You have an amazing site and the knowledge areas are quite impressive from your side, can you please assist me i need infor on how to calculate Safety statistics onsite, i have the man hours worked for the month and the rate of incidents, how do i go forward from there.

  87. Hi Kami

    Thank you for your enquiry and the compliment. I am giving you a few methods of calculating your statistics:
    – DIFR: DISABLING INJURY FREQUENCY RATE. DIFR is defined as the number of disabling injuries (including illness) X per million divided by employee hours worked:

    (# of disabling injuries) (one million) DIFR = ———————————————-
    (# of employee hours worked)

    – DIIR: DISABLING INJURY INCIDENT RATE. An index computed by multiplying the disabling injury frequency rate by the disabling injury severity rate and dividing the product by 1,000: DII = DIFR x DISR / 1000. This measure reflects both frequency and severity, yielding a combined index of total disabling injury.

    – DISR: DISR is defined as the number of days lost or charged per million employee hours worked.

    (total days charged) x (10small6)
    DISR = ————————————–
    (Number of employee hours)

    – LTIFR: LOST TIME INJURY FREQUENCY RATE. It’s a measure of the number of lost time injuries (LTI) per so many hours worked. For example, an LTIFR of 3 may mean 3 LTIs for every million hours worked or it could be 10 000 or 50 000 hours. So what does that tell the reader or the business? Think about it. If this years LTIFR is less than last year’s does this mean the company has a more effective safety program in place? Or, conversely, does a higher LTIFR indicate a less effective program? If one company has an LTIFR of 2.5 and another company an LTIFR of 5 does this mean that the latter company is less committed to safety or has a worse safety program?

    Let’s break this down a little further. The almost universal definition of an LTI is a work related injury that results in the injured employee having at least one full shift off work – by definition this excludes the shift on which the injury happened. Converting this to a million hour LTIFR involves multiplying the number of LTIs by 1 000 000 and diving the result by the number of hours worked. So the LTIFR is influenced not only by the number of LTIs that happened but also by the number of hours worked. So 2 companies with the same number of LTIs but substantially different hours will end up with totally different LTIFRs – the larger the number of hours the lower the LTIFR.

    Hope this will help.


  88. Riks says:

    Good day,

    I do hope that you will be able to assist me as well. I have been thrown into the deep end and now its time to swim or sink.

    I am requiered to provide the municipality with a health and safety plan, (I do have a safety compliance file), comprehensive medical surveillance program and an employee assistance program (before the end of October), that’s for starters!


  89. Gee says:

    Good day, Christel,

    I have read quite a lot of the comments on this page and wonder if you can direct me on SHEQ.

    I work for a very small company (10 employees max.), sometimes 20, and do not have an idea where to start on the SHEQ. Most of our work is on construction sites and we are now pushed for our own safety file, as opposed to always falling under the principal contractor’s safety file.

    As I do all the administration in the company from accounting to tenders and the rest I do need a solution that is efficient and fast!

    Thank you!

  90. George says:

    I was appointed as a SHEQ manager for a consulting company and am faced with a challenge of developing a safety system but I have decided to start with a safety file. Do you have any SHEQ files templates for use?

  91. Guy says:

    Hi Christel

    We are a small company and are required to deliver a SHE file for a small electrical job at a large manufacturing company. Do you have any templates I could look over.


  92. Bhekani says:

    Hi! Could you please assist me with the sample of a safety document for the road construcion.

  93. Arif says:

    I am working as HSE manager in Saudi Arabia. I have gone through fixing most of the HSE plans, but as per requirementofs of our client I need a logistics plan also, which I don’t find. If possible can you please help me in this matter by sending some sample of xyz /acb company logistic plan?

  94. Arif says:

    I have been working as HSE on senior level, but I have never heared about a HSE file. There are either HSE Plans or Manuals or Procedures. My question is how would you describe differenceces between a Plan and Procedure (not a File).

  95. Rochelle says:

    Hi Christel

    I am trying to compile a SHE file for a Workshop (motor vehicle) but have no idea where to start or what to do, or what is needed or what needs to be in the file, i am basically going into this blind, i tried to search the internet for ideas, but nothing that is close to what i require. could you please help me. i don’t want to do this wrong.


  96. Kgaugelo Shai says:

    Good Day,

    I would like to study MBA in SHEQ with University of Queensland, while staying in South Afrca. Is there any local branch?


  97. Ben Fouche says:

    You can visit the local office’s website at

  98. wayne says:

    Hi Christel,

    I have a guick question about safety files.
    What is the difference between safety files for construction work and mining?

    I have been requested by my company to compile a safety file for mining and as far as my knowledge there will only be a slight difference.

    All I can think of is the regulations that might differ and the appointment letters.

    At the bottom is my list at the moment with all that is needed to go with.
    Can you maybe assist me with any extras that will be required?
    I will do research in finding the documents,just need to know what I need to look for.

    My index so far for mining safety file for contractor:
    •She plan
    •environmental plan
    •fall protection plan and procedures
    •emergency plan
    •site safety rules
    •She policy
    •accident and incidents
    •agreements with mandataries
    •notification with labour dept
    •wcl 1 and 2
    •letter of good standing
    •risk assessment + proforma,Risk Identification,Observations,Hazardous Task Identification,Training attendance,Road Map
    •method statements
    •safety specifications
    •minutes of safety meetings
    •appointments (mining)
    •medicals and I.D copies
    •competency certificates
    •first aid box content,checklist,appointment
    •registers and checklists(all)
    •welfare facilities
    •scaffold safety
    •working at hights
    •stacking and storage
    •fire prevention and protection
    •Notice boards and signs
    •Mech safety
    •elec safety
    •hot work
    •explosive power tools
    •blasting operations
    •toolbox talks
    •emergency numbers
    •working hours
    •construction vehicles and mobile plant

    It will be highly appreciated if you could help me with some more information as for I am just as passionate about safety as I think you are.

    Thanx allot.

  99. Neo says:

    Hi christel

    Just want say thank you every much. everytime time I read your articles i feel so confidence and powerful, because of your commitment to sheq and willing to give us advice at anytime.

    Thank you big time for the excellent work– “that’s spot on”

  100. Dion says:

    Hi Christel

    I would love to become a safety officer could you please advise what courses and diplomas I would require. I have completed my ASHEPP,HIRA, Incident Investigation and Intro to SAMTRAC, busy doing SAMTRAC and have registered through UNISA to do my National Diploma in Safety Management. I was a member of the SHE Commitee at work for 5 years. I need to be able to be employable before I can gain the experience??? I was previously a maintenance manager.


  101. Thabo Molobetsi says:

    Hi Christel

    please send me the information on SHE courses that one can do. I have been to Quality for 15 years and now I will be doing SHE as well.